Ontel Security Services, Inc. started on July 1, 2006 and has been providing security to various Central Valley communities ever since. Ontel is an equal opportunity employer, encourages diversity, and treats the employees with respect. ALL of Ontel’s patrol officers and operations leadership started out at standing posts. There is room to grow at Ontel if an officer is patient and consistently exercises an outstanding work ethic.

Employment status with Ontel is “on call”. Although hours are not guaranteed, we strive to get officers working quickly and as long as possible. Consider this: Many of our officers have been with Ontel for several years. So we must be doing things right.

Our employees benefit from the Ontel difference:

  • Ontel has never missed a pay check on pay day. If an officer turns in a time card, the officer gets paid, PERIOD.
  • We’re local; sites are in Stanislaus, Merced or San Joaquin counties. We don’t make an officer commute to the Bay Area one day, then Sacramento the next.
  • We equip our officers with Ontel radios and they are taught proper radio use. An officer is not “put in the field and forgotten”.
  • Supervisors and leadership are accessible. Ontel is not a call center that never returns an officer’s call.
  • We provide all forms needed to do the job. If an officer needs more DARs, timecards, SIR forms, etc., they come to the office and stock up.
  • Ontel issues a standard uniform, however officers may choose to purchase additional items (more shirts, rain coats, jackets, etc.) at our cost. No mark-ups.
  • Our officers receive a discount with a BSIS accredited on-line school for the 40 hours of new officer training, as well as the annual 8 hours of Continuous Education Units (CEUs).
  • We offer health care, vision and dental insurance to qualifying officers.
  • Several times a year, during business hours at the Ontel office, representatives from different agencies come by to offer our officers:
    • Opportunities to save on car / home insurance
    • AFLAC supplemental insurance
    • Retirement planning
    • Costco Memberships
    • – And the list is growing…

If you are interested in working at Ontel Security Services, Inc. you must meet the following minimum requirements**:

  • Must have a current, valid BSIS approved California Guard Card
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Ideally, must be able to work anytime, especially nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Must have a working phone (land line or cell) at all times
  • Must be proficient with speaking, reading, and writing English (multi-lingual security officers are encouraged to apply)

Other highly desirable, BSIS approved qualifications**:

  • Chemical or pepper spray certification
  • Baton certification
  • Exposed Fire Arm certification (NOTE: At Ontel, officers must have BOTH chemical / pepper spray and baton certifications before being able to carry an exposed fire arm.)

**There is no guarantee of employment even if the minimum requirements, and / or other highly desirable qualifications are met.

Please fill out our application (Click here for a PDF of the application.)

Although you may send a résumé, it must come with an application. Any résumé that comes without an application will NOT be considered.

Submission Options:

When submitting the application, please bring to the office, or send a copy of, your Drivers License, Guard Card and any other BSIS certificates you have. Applications that lack these items will NOT be considered.

In Person:
2125 Wylie Dr., Suites 11 & 12 in Modesto, California

By Fax:

Ontel Security Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 579730
Modesto, CA95357

Applications are kept on file for 6 months. If there is a client need that cannot be met with the current staff, applications are reviewed to find a match with hours of availability and qualifications. If there is a match, the applicant is called. You are welcome to resubmit an application every 6 months.