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K-9 Services

P.O.S.T. Certified Narcotics Detection K-9 Team

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Captain Joseph LeDesma and K-9 Burno (A Black Shepard)

Ontel now offers Narcotic Detection services for Homes, Schools, or Businesses.

Do I need a Narcotics Detection Team?

  • Do you want to take a proactive approach to a drug free work place or campus?
  • Are you worried that illegal narcotics are being brought onto your property or campus?
  • Have you received reports of someone smelling marijuana on your property?
  • Are you concerned about the contents of your employee or student lockers or what might be transported in your company vehicles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our K-9 team would be your solution.

What would Ontel’s K-9 team actually do at my location?

You designate the area that you are concerned about. Our polite and efficient K-9 Team then does a scent check. If they find indications of illegal materials, they step back and allow you to open or search the specific point. If any contraband is found, you can then decide how you wish to proceed.

We can work with your needs and schedule. The team can come out randomly, on scheduled days, or as needed on a call. We can be as discrete or as high profile as you would like.

Are there any legal issues with conducting these types of searches?

Most employers have policies that allow the employer to search employee areas and even employee vehicles parked on the employer’s property. Schools are typically allowed to search students’ lockers and back packs as needed. Check your employee handbook and/or consult your legal counsel.

Let the Ontel K-9 Narcotic Detection Team Give You Peace of Mind.

Please contact us for more information or pricing.