From the unarmed field officers on foot stationed at clients’ sites, to the armed patrol officers and top ranking security leaders, Ontel Security Services, Inc. is successful for many reasons, including our dedication to teamwork.

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   Teamwork: Officers & Equipment

All of our officers are equipped with Ontel radios for communication between ranks and from site to site. Ontel performs radio-based and on-site safety checks, to ensure that our officers are safe, as well as to ensure you, the client, are getting what you paid for – an officer that is alert and doing their job.

   Teamwork: Law Enforcement

Due to our appropriate interaction with county sheriff and city police departments, Ontel has an excellent reputation and working relationship with local law enforcement agents. They are confident that when we call, we have verified and / or stopped a crime in progress – and they come.

   Teamwork: Alarm Companies & Virtual Guard

Ontel is the first responder for many local and national alarm companies in the Central Valley. In addition, we work with an emerging technology, Virtual Guard, which sends video information in 10 second intervals to be viewed and evaluated. Ontel has made arrests as a result of using this high-tech, digital, wireless, easy to install equipment. Click this link if you would like to see Ontel and Virtual Guard in action:  VIRTUAL GUARD & ONTEL

   Teamwork: Ontel Owners & Administration

Ontel’s corporate owners and administrative staff are hands-on and work collaboratively with security operations while performing key organizational functions to ensure the best possible service for our clients.

Ontel is proud of our leadership for security operations.  Please feel free to learn a little more about them and see why you would be in good hands with Ontel Security Services, Inc. as your security provider.

David J. McCann

Chief McCann was interested in law enforcement from a very young age. He started out working in the security department for a local private school and church. He rose through the ranks to be the commander of the in-house security department, protecting over 1,100 students and 5,000 people of the church congregation. He was also a Modesto Police Explorer for three years before being recruited by the previous owner of Ontel in 2004.

Since starting with Ontel, Chief McCann has climbed the ranks from a standing post officer all the way to the position he holds now as the Chief of Operations and Security. In addition to being the Chief of Security, he is also the BSIS Qualified Manager and the Safety Manager for Ontel. He’s been responsible for planning and running security services for large events such as Octoberfest, concerts and boxing matches. He also donates his time actively supporting one of the local police departments by serving as their volunteer program / crime stoppers coordinator and assisting them with neighborhood watch programs. Chief McCann has made it his highest priority to serve the clients of Ontel and the surrounding communities.

John Collins

Commander Collins began working at Ontel Security Services, Inc. on October 30, 2008. He worked his way through the ranks from a standing officer to a lieutenant in the patrol division and earned the rank of Captain of Security Operations in October 2012, then promoted to the Commander of Security Operations in February 2013.

Before his work in security, Commander Collins enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps after high school in 1963. He served four years active duty with a fourteen month tour of combat duty in the Vietnam Conflict and one year in the Military Police as a Platoon Sergeant. After completing active duty, he spent two years of inactive reserve duty to complete his six year military obligation.

Commander Collins has come to appreciate the work that a security officer does, especially at Ontel, because it’s not just observe and report. At Ontel, it’s deter, intervene and apprehend.

Jose LeDesma

Captain LeDesma started with Ontel in March 2011. He worked his way through the ranks from a standing officer to a lieutenant in the patrol division. He became the supervisor of the patrol division in September 2012. In February of 2013 he was promoted to the Captain of Security Operations and is still the immediate supervisor of the patrol division.

Prior to working at Ontel, Captain LeDesma worked with another security agency headquartered in Oakland, California. While there, he worked closely with the Oakland and Mountain View Police Departments. Additionally, he worked as a praetorian for a nightclub in Oakland, California. As a result of these experiences, his extensive knowledge of California law has aided him in the security industry.

Captain LeDesma enjoys addressing the wide variety of issues inherent with a career in security. He knows that doing his job well means keeping our clients and the general public safe. He appreciates the fact that teamwork is a priority at Ontel, and never hesitates to lend his expertise when called upon.